Lions Set to Shine at Pacesetters Cup 2023 in Oyo State

As the scorching sun dips beyond the horizon, casting an amber hue over the bustling city of Ibadan, the rhythmic beat of anticipation resonates through the air. The grounds of the iconic Olubadan Stadium are about to witness a football spectacle like never before. The stage is set, the teams are geared up, and the Lions, accompanied by a formidable line-up of 15 clubs, are ready to roar into the Pacesetter Cup 2023. This much-anticipated football extravaganza promises not only electrifying matches but also a host of engaging events for fans and community groups alike.

Setting the Stage: The Countdown Begins

The Pacesetter Cup 2023 is not just any tournament; it’s a celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the unwavering passion for the beautiful game. Wonderxchange FC stands at the threshold of a remarkable journey as the tournament unfurls. Spanning over several weeks, this highly anticipated football carnival will showcase an impressive lineup of 16 esteemed clubs hailing from Nigeria and Ghana. Among them, the Lions shine as a beacon of hope and determination, poised to demonstrate their prowess on the field and ready to etch their mark as they travel to the vibrant city of Ibadan, Oyo State’s beating heart.

The clubs confirmed to feature in the Pacesetters Cup 2023 is nothing short of impressive. The participating clubs include Ashaiman Scandy FA, FM Dunmoye, Football Brilliance FA, HMK FC, KG Sports, Meadowlands FC, Midas FA, Palapye All Stars FC, Pillars FC, Razgold FA, Real Football FA, Samson FC, UI FC, Wonderxchange, Weliweli FC, and Young Stars FC. These powerhouses are divided into four groups – A to D – setting the stage for exhilarating group-stage clashes.

Group Stage Showdowns

The tournament kicks off with a riveting group stage, where the 16 teams battle fiercely to assert their dominance, igniting the competition with fiery clashes. Each group houses four formidable teams. Within each group, the teams face off in a series of gripping matches. Three matches per team in the group stage form the crucible that will determine who advances to the quarter-finals. It’s a stage where strategy, skill, and sheer determination converge. The top two teams from each group advance to the quarter-finals.

The journey doesn’t stop there. The knockout rounds, akin to football’s crucible of pressure, will unfold with each match bringing heart-stopping moments. The field will be a canvas of tactics, sprints, goals, and acrobatics—all in the quest for victory. And as the knockout rounds culminate, only two teams will remain standing, ready to vie for the ultimate glory. A total of 32 matches to be played between Wednesday 23 August and Monday 4 September at two stadiums in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Lions’ Path to Glory

Wonderxchange FC finds themselves in Group C, alongside Meadowlands, KG Sports, and FM Dunmoye. As the Lions brace themselves for these encounters, football enthusiasts can expect to witness strategic battles and breathtaking displays of skill.

For the Lions, the journey begins on Friday, 25 August, when they take on FM Dunmoye at the prestigious Olubadan Stadium. This match marks a significant moment in the team’s history, as they step onto the field in Ibadan for the very first time. This landmark occasion brings the exhilarating action closer to fans based in Oyo State, allowing them to witness their favorite team’s brilliance up close.


Beyond the Pitch: Engaging the Spirit of Unity

Fans United: A Celebration of Football

The Pacesetter Cup isn’t confined to the stadium; it’s a celebration that reverberates through the city’s veins. As our boots tread the pitch, the passion extends its reach—embracing communities, families, and fans from all walks of life. The spirit of unity becomes the backdrop against which this football extravaganza unfolds.

While local fans will have the privilege of witnessing the matches live, Wonderxchange FC ensures that their global fanbase remains engaged. All tournament matches will be available for streaming online via YouTube, ensuring that supporters from far and wide can join in the excitement.

A Statement from the Coach

Michael Olayiwola, Wonderxchange Head coach, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to be going to Oyo State for the first time as a team to participate in the Pacesetters Cup. Our club has incredible supporters in Oyo State, who passionately follow the team throughout the season. We have seen this dedication first-hand from the lots who have always engaged with our posts, and we are excited to be building on this by going to Ibadan and playing live in front of the fans.”

Our Pledge to Fans: Iyanuoluwa Esan Speaks

Iyanuoluwa Esan, the chairman, shares his sentiments: “The Pacesetter Cup isn’t just a tournament; it’s an embodiment of our commitment to the fans who’ve rallied behind us. We’re not just participating; we’re connecting with our fans on a profound level. The dedication we’ve witnessed from our Oyo-based supporters is inspiring, and this tournament is our way of reciprocating that fervor. As we step onto Ibadan’s turf, we carry the hopes of our fans and their cheers with us, ready to create history.”

Unveiling the Calendar: Pacesetter Cup 2023 Schedule

A Calendar of Excitement: The Journey Unfolds

The Pacesetter Cup 2023 isn’t a mere event; it’s an immersive experience that unfurls across a meticulously planned calendar. The tournament’s schedule is brimming with enticing matchups that promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats. The first round of matches will be held at the Olubadan Stadium, with kick-off times tailored to offer the ultimate football experience:

Pacesetters 2023 schedule (all kick-off times local)

Wednesday 23 August @ Olubadan Stadium

Match 1: Midas FA v UIFC (Kick-off: 4pm)

Thursday 24 August @ Olubadan Stadium

Match 2: Samjason FC Vs Real Football FA (Kick-off: 10am)

Match 3: Young Stars FC Vs Football Brilliance FA (Kick-off: 12pm)

Match 4: Palapye All Stars Vs Pillars FA (Kick-off: 4pm)

Friday 25 August @ Olubadan Stadium

Match 5: Meadowlands FA Vs KG sports (Kick-off: 10am)

Match 6: Wonderxchange fc Vs FM Dunmoye (Kick-off: 12pm)

Match 7: Weliweli Fc Vs HMK FC (Kick-off: 4pm)

Saturday 26 August @ Olubadan Stadium

Match 8: Razgold FA Vs Ashaiman Scandy FA (Kick-off: 10am)

  • Full fixtures to be released later.
  • Second Venue to be announced later

Football enthusiasts and fans can immerse themselves in the build-up to this exceptional event by following the official channels on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #wonderxchangefc #pacesetterscup2023 to become part of the conversation and keep up with the latest updates and insights.

In the heart of Oyo State, anticipation is building, excitement is palpable, and Wonderxchange FC is ready to showcase their talent on the grand stage of the Pacesetters Cup 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready for a football spectacle like no other.