MRS. Deborah with username deborah has won the third and final round of the match predictions for predicting correctly the outcome of the match between Best Talent and Wonderxchange FC which took place Wednesday 25th May,2022 and finished one all between the two teams.

The final game of the season was indeed a competitive one as we had two participants with the highest score, amongst the many other participants in match prediction. Mrs. Deborah with username deborah and Mr. Mayowa with username MiB132 predicted perfectly and both ended with 7 points resulting in a tie which delayed announcement as only one out of the two can emerge as a winner. 

Matchday 3 Highest Scorers

[fp-scores users=”990114,990036″ match=”6″]


With both players tied in matchday 3, the sponsor and the board decided to choose the overall winner from the tie between Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Mayowa by using their previous matchday activities and predictions in which the player with the highest score in previous matchdays would be declared the winner. With that into consideration Mrs. Deborah was declared the outright matchday 3 as she had the better score of the two in the previous matchday predictions.

Other matchday scores
[fp-scores users=”990114,990036″ match=”1,5″]


In light of the identification of matchday 3 winner, the overall winner would be announced soon.

Other scores

[fp-scores users=”990089,990087,990083,990129,990117,990009,990076,990056,990060,990029,990054,990053,990139,990030,990102,990016,990017,990046,990085,990064,990084,990096,990130,990111,990090,990040,990110,990138,990098,990019,990022,990002,990051,990075,990119,990023,990107,990004,990097,990106,990032,990114,990091,990066,990015,990120,990006,990081,990113,990093,990100,990073,990122,990088,990132,990108,990128,990067,990033,990026,990105,990072,990057,990135,990123,990052,990070,990069,990010,990020,990021,990079,990005,990049,990036,990031,990041,990014,990024,990104,990103,990125,990127,990055,990068,990101,990042,990133,990080,990039,990058,990012,990131,990063,990071,990065,990062,990082,990044,990037,990077,990121,990025,990126,990136,990018,990008,990050,990047,990061,990094,990059,990092,990028,990099,990078,990116,990038,990027,990137,990011,990043,990109,990086,990118,990034,990134,990112,990074,990048,990045,990124,990013,990007,990115,1,990095,990035″ match=”6″]