The draws and fixtures for the 2023 Ondo state FA cup were held this morning, 28th February in the board room of the sports council. All nine teams who registered for the competition were duly represented.

The following teams have been registered:

Sunshine Stars

Sunshine Feeders FC

Wonderxchange FC

Akure City FC

Zion Warriors FC

Adamimogo FC

Moyero FC

Emalex FC

Peacemaker FC

The Lions however will have to wait on the result of the playoff tie between Peacemaker FC and Zion Warriors FC to know who the club will face in the quarter finals.

The full draw for the FA Cup is listed below:


Peacemaker FC vs Zion Warriors FC


Akure City vs Sunshine Feeders

Emalex vs Sunshine Stars

Adamimogo vs Moyero

Peacemaker/Zion Warriors vs Wonderxchange

The exact dates for the quarterfinal matches have not yet been announced, but organizers have assured us that all will take place next week.