In the unfolding narrative of the Pacesetters Cup 2023, the unexpected is not merely an anomaly but a testament to the dynamic nature of sports. As the tournament progressed, a logistical challenge emerged, leading to a reshaping of Group C and a significant alteration in the path to the quarterfinals.

At the heart of this transformation lies a logistics challenge that hindered the participation of Ghanaian teams in the tournament. Despite their initial inclusion, unforeseen logistical issues prevented the Ghanaian squads – Meadowlands, Palapye, KG Sports, and Ashaiman – from making their journey to Nigeria. As a result, the organizing committee made the difficult decision to excuse these teams from the competition. The impact of this challenge reverberated across the tournament’s structure.

Reduced Participants, Revised Format, New Qualification Criteria

With the Ghanaian teams excused from the competition due to logistical constraints, the total number of participating teams was reduced from 16 to 12. The withdrawal has ramifications not only for the participating squads but also for the tournament’s format. The traditional structure of the Pacesetters Cup involved four groups – Group A to D – with the top two teams from each group advancing to the quarterfinals. However, with the reduced number of participants, the tournament now accommodates three groups – Group A to C. This shift necessitated a change in the qualification criteria for the next stage.


In the revamped tournament structure, the top two teams from each of the three groups, A to C, will secure a spot in the quarterfinals. Additionally, the two best-performing teams among the third-placed finishers across the same three groups will also progress to the next stage. This change aims to maintain the competitive spirit of the Pacesetters Cup 2023 while adapting to the unexpected circumstances, as teams vie not only for victory but also for the coveted spots in the next stage of the tournament.

Group C Dynamics: Wonderxchange FC’s Path Forward

Group C, which initially featured Ghanaian teams, now consists of four squads. Wonderxchange FC, Weliweli FC, FM Dunmoye FC, and HMK FC are the contenders in this group. With the altered format, each team faces unique challenges and opportunities in their quest for glory.

A Glimpse at Group C Fixtures

The revised schedule for Group C promises a spectacle of football brilliance. Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming fixtures:

  • Tuesday, 12th September:
    • Wonderxchange FC vs. Weliweli FC (2:00 pm)
    • HMK FC vs. FM Dunmoye FC (4:00 pm)
  • Wednesday, 13th September:
    • Wonderxchange FC vs. HMK FC (10:00 am)
    • FM Dunmoye FC vs. Weliweli FC (12:00 pm)
  • Thursday, 14th September:
    • Wonderxchange FC vs. FM Dunmoye FC (10:00 am)
    • Weliweli FC vs. HMK FC (12:00 pm)

These fixtures represent the final arrangements and will not change under any circumstances. All preparations have been meticulously finalized, setting the stage for captivating clashes and breathtaking moments.

Stay Tuned for Group C Action

The journey of Group C in the Pacesetters Cup 2023 promises to be a captivating one. The Lion’s roar, embodied by Wonderxchange FC, echoes the passion and determination of players and supporters alike. Football enthusiasts and Wonderxchange FC supporters alike are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and witness the unfolding drama as The Lions chase their dreams on the grand stage of the tournament. The heart-pounding action, the unexpected turns, and the relentless pursuit of victory await in Group C.