Derby Preview (Final): Olukismet vs Wonderxchange

Lions to battle the Rhinos for Preseason Grand Prize

A brand-new derby date has been set as the Lions prepare to play the Holummy boys in the Prince Olumide preseason tournament. With the stakes high, the Lions will be looking to take home the grand prize in this highly anticipated match.

After taking the top spot in group B by accruing seven out of a possible nine points, the Lions progressed to the finals. Olukismet FC secured the top spot in group A by collecting nine points. The two teams will now face off against each other to determine the overall champion of the tournament.

This will be the 6th meeting between both sides with the fixture being one to always watch out for as it has always lived up to its derby billing. Both teams will go head to head in a highly anticipated match that has consistently delivered an exciting and intense atmosphere. It is set to be an epic battle, as both teams look to be crowned tournament champions.

Also, it should be noted that during the five previous meetings between the Lions and the Holummy boys, the Lions have yet to win a single match against the Holummy boys, having lost three times and settled for draws in two of those matches. This makes the upcoming sixth meeting between the two sides a highly anticipated event, as the Lions will be looking to finally break their losing streak against the Holummy boys.

The most recent meeting between the teams occurred on the 13th of December 2022 at the Akure Township stadium, in which the Lions lost 2-0. This was a disappointing result for the team, as they had been in good form leading up to the match.

Head to Head

Wonderxchange 0 – 2 Olukismet

Wonderxchange 2 – 2 Olukismet

Wonderxchange 1 – 1 Olukismet

Olukismet 3 – 1 Wonderxchange

Olukismet 4 – 1 Wonderxchange

Form (Last 3 matches)

Wonderxchange: WWD

Olukismet: WWW

How to follow Wonderxchange vs Olukismet

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As usual, the team’s matchday list will be made available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook an hour before kickoff. Furthermore, the latest news and updates can be found on our social media accounts, so be sure to stay tuned!